6teen atheist girlie with perfect imperfections. wish to be in nyc, but stuck in jersey.

against: racism animal cruelty

my family and friends keep my ♥ pumpin'. i enjoy taking pictures, but i wouldn't dare to call them photography. my posts are mostly pictures, and they aren't mine unless stated.

i listen to rap;mac miller is my favorite rapper.

☆ Mac Miller: enjoy the best things in your life 'cuz you ain't gonna get to live it twice
☆ Wiz Khalifa: oh, man, still they hate me and talk smack, knowin' if i was gone, there be no throne to throw ya rocks at
☆ Kid Cudi: i'mma do just what i want, lookin' ahead, no turnin' back


i feel like shrimp :3

it really hurts when you someone you really like used to talk to you all day errday then they just fucken stopped for no absolute fucken reason .


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